A Memory from Worship

During introductions at Early meeting last Sunday I was looking at the carved pattern in the side of the bench in front of me, and suddenly remembered the time when the Meeting Room was enlarged. i was Clerk then and while the builders were working on the Meeting Room, we had to have meeting outside (at the back of the Meeting House). For those weeks the weather was always fine and meeting outside was quite lovely. There was a team of good souls who took the benches outside for Early Meeting, and another team that took the benches back in after Late Meeting. But we needed more benches for the new enlarged Meeting Room. i can’t remember which of us saw the ad, but an African American  church in another county was wanting to replace their benches and was giving their old ones away. I also can’t remember what vehicle and trailer were used but I know Chick Moran and Lee Strait (my late husband) and Jay Worrall went to pick up the benches which now grace our Meeting Room.

Val Matthews