Room Use


Rooms in the meetinghouse are available to Friends and outside groups and individuals for uses in harmony with Quaker principles and at the discretion of the Building Committee. To reserve a room, get in touch with the building scheduler via our contact form.

Meeting room

This is the meetinghouse’s worship space. Three rows of benches surround an open central space. Capacity: 75.

Community room

This bright and spacious room is the latest addition to the meetinghouse. There is an adjoining kitchen, and folding tables and chairs are available. The doors on one side open onto a deck, on the other onto a playground. Capacity: 50.


This small separate building is equipped with child-size furniture and so is especially well suited for activities involving young people; however, adult-size chairs are also available, making it a good choice for a variety of uses. Capacity: 20.


A small, intimate room equipped with a sofa and several chairs. Capacity: 10


The Library cannot be reserved by outside groups.


Meeting Room


Community Room







Charlottesville Friends Meeting Building Use Policy

November 2, 2008

The Charlottesville Friends Meeting (CFM) makes designated spaces in the building available for use by the CFM family, Rose Hill neighborhood groups, and the public at large. To inquire about building use and fees, leave a message for the building scheduler at 540-352-2683.

The Meetinghouse is open to groups and individuals for uses in harmony with Quaker principles and at the discretion of the Building and Maintenance Committee. Children are to be supervised at all times. No alcohol, tobacco products (smoking is permitted outdoors) or illicit drugs are allowed.

The Meeting Scheduler or the user of the Meetinghouse will post agreed upon dates for ongoing meetings. Any group meeting regularly must verify meeting times and rooms for their upcoming meeting on the calendar on the Library door. CFM users who wish to establish one time or regular, ongoing meetings should coordinate with the Scheduler so they can be assured priority.

The library and the front foyer are not available for reservation by outside groups and will be accessible for the Meeting’s use at all times.

The Meetinghouse is fully handicapped accessible and all rooms are on one floor. There are two designated parking spaces, a wheelchair ramp, two accessible bathrooms and hearing assistance units.

Building Access and Security (Key Policy)

The contact person for groups will be given the combination for the keyless lock on the building. These combinations will be changed periodically and authorized users will be notified of the new code. A second code will be used by Meeting members only. Once inside, the contact person can unlock other doors, as needed, for access by group members. That contact person is responsible to lock all doors before leaving unless another group is using the building at the time (see calendar). The caretaker will assure that doors are all locked each evening after use. The outside door to the Parlor will not be used except as an emergency EXIT. Meeting members can be given keys for the door locks.


All groups who use the building are responsible for leaving the building in the same condition in which it was found when they leave. Furniture must be returned to its place.