Charlottesville Friends Meeting maintains a small library containing more than 1,400 cataloged items and additional uncataloged items, including Quaker magazines and newsletters from various Friends organizations. The materials cover such topics as Religion, Bible Commentary, Biography, Quaker History, Children’s Literature, Spirituality, Quaker Testimonies, and the Society of Friends in general. The collection emphasizes items of interest to Friends, especially those not available in the public or university libraries. It also includes materials by CFM Friends/attenders, especially those within the scope of the collection.

The CFM Library Committee oversees the physical space of the library as well as the management of the collection. Donations of materials are welcomed and are included in the collection at the discretion of the committee. Unless otherwise directed, donated materials that we decide not to include in the collection will be donated elsewhere.
Members and attenders may check out items for a loan period of three months. The collection may be searched through an online catalog called LibraryThing. For those who prefer to search for materials manually, a printed copy of certain information from this electronic catalog is located in a notebook in the library. The old card catalog, which we have not maintained for a couple of years, has been disposed of.  

Using LibraryThing

  1. Access the LibraryThing website through this link or go to
  2. The default screen style “Members” provides access to the CFM collection, displaying useful search data, including title, author, subject areas, and our CFM Call Number.
  3. A drop-down menu at the top left corner indicates the name of a collection the page is displaying (Your Library by default). By clicking on other items in this menu, you can limit the scope of your search. Selections include:
    1. All Collections (everything in our library plus our wish list)
    2. Your Library (all print materials in our library)
    3. Pendle Hill Pamphlets
    4. Pamphlets (not Pendle Hill)
    5. First Day School (materials for the First Day School teachers)
    6. Spanish Language
    7. AV collection
    8. Wishlist
    9. Printed Supplement (includes recently added materials)

Searching LibraryThing

  1. To search the CFM collection, enter a word or phrase in the “Search” box found in the top right corner directly under the “Search site” box. (The “Search site” box is not limited to the CFM collection.)
  2. A drop-down menu to the right of the box allows you to limit or expand your search. Selecting “Most fields” is often preferable to searching “All fields.” You can narrow your search by choosing “Titles/authors,” “Subjects” (which uses Library of Congress subject headings), “Tags” (which uses our broad subjects), etc.

Finding materials in the Library

  1. Once you have found the CFM call number for the item you seek (either through the online catalog or the printed version in the library), use this number to search our library shelves.
  2. Shelves are marked with subject headings. With the exception of biographies, books in each subject category are arranged in alphabetical order by author. Biographies are arranged by the last name of the biographee.
  3. Pendle Hill Pamphlets are arranged by number in boxes on the shelves directly to the left of the library door. Other pamphlets are located in labeled boxes in their subject sections.
  4. Materials in the First Day Collection are housed on the shelves in the parlor.

Library News

The Library Committee has curated the following special collection of materials relating to Quaker Political Action. Books and other materials offering inspiration and advice on such ideas as immigration, lobbying, non-violent resistance, and more are available on the stand-alone bookshelf under the window in the library. Friends are invited to suggest titles or donate materials that may be appropriate to be added to this collection.

CFM Special Collection – Quaker Political Action

Margery Post Abbott – A Theological Perspective on Quaker Lobbying – SF ABB 3398

AFS – Speak Truth to Power: A Quaker Search for an Alternative to Violence – TP AFS 240

AFS – In Their Presence: Reflections on the Transforming Power of Undocumented Immigrants in the United States – TS DES 1624

Linda Flynn Beekman – War Cake: A Witness in the Siege of Sarajevo – TP BEE 2433

James F. Childress – Civil Disobedience and Political Obligation: A Study of Christian Social Ethics – TS CHI 60

Robert Cooney & Helen Michalowski – The Power of the People: Active Nonviolence in the United States – TP COO 1015

Os Cresson – We Felt Their Kindliness: An American Family’s Afghan Odyssey 1949-1951 – BIO CRE 3072

Kerry Kennedy Cuomo – Speak Truth to Power: Human Rights Defenders Who are Changing Our World – TS CUO 1830

Eileen Flanagan – Renewable: One Woman’s Search for Simplicity, Faithfulness, and Hope – TU FLA 3406

Ruth Fry – Victories Without Violence: Stories of Ordinary People Coming Through Dangerous Situations Without Using Physical Force – TP FRY 1405

Richard B. Gregg – The Power of Nonviolence – TP GRE 2320Cecil Eugene Hinshaw – Nonviolent Resistance: A Nation’s Way to Peace – PHP 88

Jacqueline Houtman, Walter Naegle, & Michael G. Long – Bayard Rustin: The Invisible Activist – BIO RUS 3409

Stephanie Judson – A Manual on Nonviolence and Children – ED JUD 1016

George Lakey – Nonviolent Action: How It Works – PHP 129

George Lakey – Powerful Peacemaking: A Strategy for a Living Revolution – TP LAK 1783

John Lampen – No Alternative? Nonviolent Response to Repressive Regimes – TP LAM 2406

Barbara Lewis – The Kid’s Guide to Social Action – CL LEW 3277

John Looney – The Media’s Social Responsibility – TS LOO 1234

Melanie Springer Mock & Rebekah D. Schneiter – Just Moms: Conveying Justice in an Unjust World – ED MOC 3367

Parker Palmer – Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit – SPR PAL 3476

Peace Pilgrim – Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words – BIO PIL 1410

Jack Powelson – Facing Social Revolution – TS POW 1360


New Library Acquisitions – Summer 2017



Call number

Lewis Benson Catholic Quakerism: A Vision for All Men SF BEN 3495
J. Brent Bill Sacred compass : the way of spiritual discernment SPR BIL 3491
* Drick Boyd White allies in the struggle for racial justice T.S. Boy 3489
Valerie Brown Coming to Light: Cultivating Spiritual Discernment PHP 446 BRO
Steve Chase Boycott, divestment, and sanctions? : A Quaker Zionist rethinks Palestinian rights PHP CHA445
* Michael Eric Dyson Tears we cannot stop : a sermon to white America TS DYS 3492
Nick McRae Gathered : contemporary Quaker poets
LIT MCR 3487
Peggy Senger Morrison Le Flambeau School of Driving SPR MOR 3494
* Parker J. Palmer Healing the heart of democracy : the courage to create a politics worthy of the human spirit SPR PAL 3476
Dave Pruett Reason and wonder a Copernican revolution in science and spirit T.U. PRU 3488
* Bayard Rustin I must resist : Bayard Rustin’s life in letters BIO RUS 3490
John Woolman The journal of John Woolman, and A plea for the poor BIO WOO 3486
David Yount How the Quakers invented America HIS YOU 3493
* Special Collection: Quaker Political Action