Committees and Positions

We all have responsibility for the care and workings of our community.  This is done largely through committees and a few appointed positions. With the exception of Overseers, committees are open to all; you don’t have to be a committee member to attend or contribute to a committee. If you’d like to join a specific committee, Nominating Committee would be happy to hear from you. Participation is both welcomed and needed. Committee clerks (or conveners) serve as a point of contact and may plan agendas and help keep meetings on course and spiritually centered. All these committees and positions come together and work with the care and support of the Presiding Clerk.

Presiding Clerk

The presiding clerk is the servant of the Meeting for the execution of its business affairs, convening regular or specially called meetings for business, guiding deliberations and carrying out the Meeting’s instructions for actions between business sessions. (BYM Faith & Practice, 1988)

Recording Clerk

The recording clerk writes the minutes of the business as it is conducted. These minutes are read back to the assembled Friends, corrected as needed, and approved by all as the official record of actions taken.


The treasurer is entrusted with the handling of all funds belonging to the Meeting and the reporting of all financial activities to the members.

Newsletter Editor

The newsletter editor produces a monthly newsletter containing information about actions of the Meeting for Business, activities of various committees, work of Quakers is the wider fellowship of Friends, upcoming activities, reflections of a spiritual nature, etc. This newsletter is circulated among members and attenders either by email or in paper copy. Additional copies of the current issue are available in the meetinghouse foyer.


The recorder maintains membership records for all recorded members of Charlottesville Friends Meeting as well as miscellaneous documents such as special correspondence and memorial minutes for those who have died.

Building Committee

The building committee has oversight of meetinghouse use by outside groups, maintenance, and general cleaning. Meets monthly.

Communication Coordinating Committee

The communication coordinating committee sees that members and attenders have access to information that allows them to participate fully in the life of our Meeting, and it also sees that our resources are judiciously made available to inquirers from outside the Meeting. It meets monthly.

Finance Committee

The finance committee prepares the meeting budget and reviews scholarship applications. Meets as needed.

Friendship Committee

The friendship committee welcomes visitors and newcomers and encourages friendly interactions with potlucks, parties, and summer refreshments.  Meets monthly.

Library Committee

The library committee has oversight of book and pamphlet orders and general care and order of the library, which is available for use by all members and attenders and includes  books and pamphlets on the history and beliefs of Friends, on the Bible, and on issues and concerns of interest to Friends .  Meets monthly.

Ministry and Worship Committee

The ministry and worship committee tends to the quality of worship among us, as well as any preparative meeting under our care.  Quakerism 101, meeting retreats, and a yearly report on our spiritual state to Baltimore Yearly Meeting are also under its purview.  Meets monthly.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee nominates Friends for service in most Meeting positions and for all Meeting committees other than itself. The committee considers the leadings, experience, and special gifts and talents of members of the Meeting community when it recommends nominations to monthly Meeting for Business. By varying the assignments of Friends, the committee helps to foster the growth of individuals and the Meeting’s corporate life. Meets as needed.

Overseers Committee

The overseers committee provides or arranges for pastoral care, from counsel to material aid.  It also has oversight of weddings, memorial services, membership, and clearness committees. Meetings are confidential.

Peace and Social Concerns Committee

The peace and social concerns committee promotes the social activism of the meeting. Meets monthly.

Program Committee

The program committee provides for the religious education of adults through the Connections hour that is held at 9:45 during the academic year. Meets as needed.

Religious Education Committee

The religious education committee plans the programming for the children which occurs during the academic year from 11 – 11:45.  Also seeks individuals willing to teach the children and/or help with childcare for the littlest ones. Meets monthly.


The trustees attend to the legal requirements of Charlottesville Friends Meeting.

Ad-hoc Committees and Working Groups

Ad-hoc and committess and working groups ccasionally form to address specific, temporary concerns.